About Us

About Us

Welcome to Shandapa.com

Shandapa.com is a niche online retailer that promotes and sells African-owned beauty and personal care product lines. Founded in 2018, Shandapa.com primarily feature African-owned skin and haircare products for sale online at the best price.

We work hard to give customers like you a better, tailored shopping experience for beauty products you love and use daily. 

We curate an assortment of popular and less known skin and hair care brands from businesses based in Africa, own by Africans.
With Shandapa.com, we want to create an experience that inspires you to search for natural beauty products that connects with your soul.

An experience that makes it easier for you to shop for your necessities, so you never run out when it counts.

The societal pressure to be beautiful is overwhelming enough. So getting what you need shouldn’t be.

We are here to beautify you. We are here to make you a Shandapa.