160g Tlotsa Face Soap Bar

160g Tlotsa Face Soap Bar


Tlotsa Face Soap Bar is the best soap that will mildly exfoliate your skin, to give you a pimple-free, spot-free and oily-free skin.

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Product Description

Tlotsa Face Soap Bar is the best soap to mildly exfoliate your face, to give you a pimple-free, spot-free and oily-free skin.

Benefits of Using the Tlotsa Face Soap Bar

    • Reduce and Balances Oil Secretion
    • Mildly exfoliates your skin
    • Kills Acne Bacteria
    • Soothes Redness
    • Lightens Dark marks
    • Heals and rejuvenate your skin
    • Prevents new acne breakouts
    • Great spot treatment

About Tlotsa.store

Tlotsa.store is South Africa’s only e-commerce retailer for Tlotsa products. Tlotsa is a natural skin and haircare line made from indigenous prickly pear shrub and aloe vera extracts by the Tlotsa Company in Lesotho.

Thousands of our happy customers use Tlotsa products to get rid of stretch marks, darks areas, dark spots, wrinkles, scars, blemishes and also to take care of their hair.

With Tlotsa.store, you’ll enjoy incredible benefits such as free and fast nationwide delivery. Tlotsa.store is a secure online store that has multiple payment methods to choose from, such as Debit/ Cheque/ Credit Card, ATM Deposits, Capitec cellphone banking and direct deposits.

To find out more information or to shop at Tlotsa.store, visit the online store: www.Tlotsa.store otherwise, follow Tlotsa.store on Facebook or Twitter (@tlotsadotcom).


Tlotsa Products

Tlotsa Products: A Complete List

Tlotsa is a line of natural-based skin and hair care products. The Tlotsa products are made and packaged by the Tlotsa Company in Lesotho. They are formulated with aloe vera as the main active ingredient. The products are available in a range of formulations including a cream, jelly, body soap, face soap, skincare oil, body butter, foot powder and glycerine.


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